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"Children thrive in this welcoming, dynamic and vibrant nursery. They enjoy extremely secure and warm relationships with their key persons and the staff team as a whole”

Ofsted 2013

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“Benny has loved being at Total Tots. I would recommend it to anyone. Benny was always well cared for and happy when coming home, telling me all about his day. ”

Katherine Boydell Total Tots Westgate July 15.

“ Thank you so much for everything you have done to ensure Bobby is ready to progress to school. ”

Carrie Jones Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ Our son has always been happy at nursery since he was six-months old. ”

Parent of a pre-school leaver Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ Total Tots treat each child individually and really got to understand what our child daughter needed to help her. ”

Parent of a pre-school leaver Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ It was lovely to be invited in to stay-and-play sessions to share some time with Ryan in nursery. There were plenty of fun and interesting activities to do together.”

Kirsty Hedges Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ I can ask anytime and staff will tell me what Dan's focussing on at that time. ”

Chelsea Hawkins Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ Total Tots has made myself and my son feel very welcome, always a warm welcome. I can't thank the staff enough, they were always there if I needed them. ”

Parent of a pre-school leaver Total Tots Westgate July 15

“ We have been really happy and impressed with Total Tots since Cillian started at 2.5yrs old and were so relieved at how friendly all the staff are and how Cillian quickly struck up a special bond. ”

Lisa and Barry Roche

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